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Organic kombucha cultures starter kits, also known as Kombu tea drink.
The Kombucha mushroom is not really a mushroom, or even related to mushrooms,
in reality it is a symbiotic relationship between a number of
bacteria (beneficial) and special yeast cultures.
The symbiotic nature of the bacteria and yeast ferments sweetened tea to become kombucha tea, a refreshing,
naturally carbonated beverage used for over two thousand years as a refreshing beverage, as well,
as a beneficial tonic.

Kombucha's raw rich nutritional package no doubt has a lot to do with its reported healing effects. Kombucha
contains B vitamins, pro-biotics, essential amino acids, enzymes, lactose, minerals,
and other nutrients.

By using organic ingredients in our products we help restore the earth by lessening of our impact upon the
earth.  We can only be as healthy as the environment that we live in.  This wonderful pro-biotic drink may aid
the body in maintaining it's balance, detoxifying the body of environmental toxins,
and provides nutrients that aids digestion.

By reducing the amount of chemicals entering the body we reduce disease and disorders.
Our organic kombucha mushroom products are always grown with the finest organic ingredients, pure water,
and strong, vital kombucha cultures.  We maintain our cultures in a state certified & licensed building for
your safety and quality control.  We have been growing kombucha since the year 2000!

100% replacement kombucha mushroom guarantee
Kombucha Culture

We 100% guarantee our
cultures to be viable and
reproduce or we will send
you a replacement culture
starter free of charge. This
guarantee applies only within
the USA *
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We have freshly cultured organic kombucha starter kits, IN STOCK and ready to
ship, extracts, tonics, and organic starter kits available:
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To contact the webmaster please email - webmaster@organic-kombucha.com
* Kombucha Culture Guarantee:

We 100% guarantee our cultures to be viable and reproduce or we will send you a replacement culture starter free of charge. This guarantee applies only within the USA, to packages shipped via recommended postage, via USPS Priority Mail or UPS 2-day shipping.
This guarantee does not apply to international order, as we cannot control international customs processing, duties, or delays in foreign countries. We will still ship to international customer addresses, however, we cannot guarantee that the culture will make it to you safely.
You must email us at kombucha@anahatabalance.com to obtain a replacement starter. This guarantee does not cover loss of culture through improper brewing methods, molds that were introduced during or after the brewing process or improper handling or brewing of tea solution.
This guarantee is good for 20 days after receiving your shipment.

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Organic kombucha starter kits, blended pro-biotic tea drinks, kombu extracts, & tea brewing supplies for starting and maintaining your own kombucha cultures.

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Products for your health such as kombucha mushroom starter cultures, brewing supplies including glassware, jars, jugs, bulk organic tea and sugar, pH test strips, capsules, tea, and more.