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~ Yoga Links ~

3HO - Happy, Healthy, and Holy Organization


Ancient Healing Ways - Music, CDs, books on yoga

IKYTA (International Kundalini Teachers Association)

Iyengar Yoga

Yoga Serve - yoga teachers and class directory


The Divine Life Society

Sanatan Society - contains indian art galleries with over 120 paintings of Hindu gods and Hindu
goddesses, such as Ganesha, Shiva, Buddha, Vishnu, Krishna, Hanuman, Ram, Lakshmi, Kali,
Shakti, Durga and many more. This online art gallery also offers great full-screen free wallpapers.
Kombucha Tea by A. Bartholomew
Kombucha Tea for your
Health and Healing: The
Most In-Depth Guide
by Alick Bartholomew
Kombucha by Gunther Frank
Kombucha: Healthy Beverage
and Natural Remedy from the
Far East, Its Correct
Preparation and Use
by Gunther W. Frank
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Same common name for KT - Manchurian Tea, Remedy of Immortality, elixir of long life, cembuya, Cembuya orientalis, Combuchu, Champignon de longue vie, Tea Kvass, and Tea Kwass.
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