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By balancing  our hearts,
we create harmony to the
mind, body, spirit, and our
relations to others.  
We offer this to you in daily
practices of teas, tonics, and
herbal remedies for your
health and healing.  We invite
you to create your own daily
practices and rituals to
maintain your health and spirit.
Find out more about how you
can start living a more natural
lifestyle, with less disease,
through holistic medicine and
alternative medicine methods.
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Kombucha Tea by A. Bartholomew
Kombucha Tea for your
Health and Healing: The
Most In-Depth Guide
by Alick Bartholomew
Kombucha by Gunther Frank
Kombucha: Healthy Beverage
and Natural Remedy from the
Far East, Its Correct
Preparation and Use
by Gunther W. Frank
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Same common name for KT - Manchurian Tea, Remedy of Immortality, elixir of long life, cembuya, Cembuya orientalis, Combuchu, Champignon de longue vie, Tea Kvass, and Tea Kwass.
Kombucha cultures, kombucha mushroom tea, extract drops at our Organic-Kombucha store.