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Kombucha Starter Kits for Brewing Your Own Organic Tea Culture

We offer kombucha starter kits in a wide selection of choices.  Choose from our
deluxe organic mushroom starter kit, which contains all the ingredients you'll need
to make your first batch of kombucha tea, or our basic starter kit, which contains
fresh living cultures.  We, also, have our new complete kombucha kit which gives
you everything you'll need for a quick start in you kombucha brewing process.  This
kit provides you with a brewing jar, pH testing strips, tea, sugar, and a deluxe
mushroom culture all for one low price!  
Organic-Kombucha.Com has kombucha tea extracts, tonics, capsules, and organic
kombucha starter kits available:
Click here for our complete line of kombucha products

Nutritional Contents
That May be Present:
Vitamins– including
- B vitamins
(B1, B2, B6 and B12),
- vitamin C,
- amino acids
- enzymes
- Probiotic Organic Acids:
Lactic acid,
Acetic acids

- A wide range of other
organic acids that provides
normal functioning and
support to the body:
Usnic acid,
Citric acid,
Oxalic acid,
Malic acid,
Gluconic acid,
Butyric acid,
Nucleic acids

Kombucha is very safe to drink when brewed correctly
and is used by millions of people around the world.

  • Drinking Kombucha promotes good health and helps millions of people with its excellent detoxifying and immune-enhancing qualities.   Its
    origins are lost in history, but in the earliest records two thousand years ago it was known as ‘the elixir of long life’.

  • Kombucha is not just a health tonic; it is a complete therapy.

  • Kombucha has proved itself to be a quite remarkable therapeutic drink, made from sweetened tea into which a culture (a symbiosis of bacteria
    and yeasts) is placed.  It can taste similar to apple cider or a refreshing light wine, depending on the fermentation time and type of tea used.

  • There are at least six million brewers world-wide.

To aid in weight loss drink the tea before meals and for weight gain drink after meals.

Drinking bottled kombucha tea is a great way to start changing your daily health by clearing toxins from the body and building your
immunity.  When taken as a daily health tonic, it aids the body immune system and may help your overall health by keeping disease
and disorders at bay.  Thousands of people drink this tea daily around the world and with great results!  
Make kombucha tea part of your daily practice for your health and wellbeing.
See important warnings
on brewing kombucha
cultures and why to
choose a health
department licensed
facility to obtain your
starter kit, SCOBYs,
and Cultures -
Click here.
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We offer only pure organic kombucha starter kits for your daily health practice.