kombucha brewing and FAQ
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The kombucha culture or scoby mushroom grows from a brewed solution of sugar and tea, this may be black, green, or white tea or really any other tea as long as it is not an herbal tea.  Herbal teas
contain to many oils that the cultures will not like.  You may add brewed herbal teas to your ready-to-drink brew if these qualities are desired.  Many people, including people with diabetes, are
concerned with consuming sugar and/or caffeine tea.  There is no need for worry, for when the tea is properly brewed and the fermentation process is complete (you can buy pH strips to test the acid
content of the tea if you like) there is very little sugar, if any, and trace amounts of caffeine and alcohol.   The culture should never be frozen, however it may be stored in the refrigerator which will make
it go dormant.  However we do not recommend doing this for a long period of time as this retards the culture and may take some time and many brewing cycles before the strength is returned to the
culture.  The kombucha culture can sustain itself for long periods of time, months in fact, without a fresh source of food and may even still produce new s.c.o.b.y.s, but more slowly.  This is a preferred
method of "storing" the kombucha culture if time or commitments keeps you from brewing new tea each week.  To "restart" the s.c.o.b.y. simply add some brewed tea/sugar mixture and the culture will
again become active and start growing.  Of course it is best to keep continually brewing new batches of tea to keep the kombucha as strong as possible.  A weak or dormant culture will become more
susceptible to molds.   

Traditional, Kombucha is used for aiding the body in detoxifying the body, maintaining metabolic balance, but it is said to also promote overall
wellbeing throughout the body.  People from all parts of the world use it as a general daily health tonic.
Use before meals to lose weight, after meals to gain weight.
Below you will find our new step-by-step instructional video on how to brew kombucha
tea at home.  Please see our
FAQ section for more information on Kombucha cultures.
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Brewing kombuhca tea, or Manchurian tea, and proper caring of cultures or scobys in the proper method will allow your culture to last a lifetime. Providing you with a great health tonic that may be used as part of your daily health practice.