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Kombucha Recipes And Brewing Tips

If you have any kombucha tea recipes you would like to share with the kombucha world,
please email us at info@organic-kombucha.com, with your recipes, ideas, or tips.  We are
looking for this to be a community page and resource for brewing ideas and tips you may
have collected along the way.
Because we use only organic tea
and organic sugar for our brewing
process, we believe this makes
our cultures
some of the purest,
giving them extra strength and
vitality, and
enhancing their
beneficial properties!

Incorporate Kombucha tea/Manchurian tea as part of your daily practice to aid you in your health and healing.

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Traditional No Tea Recipe # 1

Kombucha tea was traditionally made from sugar and black tea, but an even older recipe calls for sugar, elder berries, and rose hips.  
For a gallon size batch use 1 1/4 cup sugar and 3 teaspoons of elder berries and 3 to 6 teaspoons of rose hips.  This makes a very
nice fruity kombucha drink with lots of vitamin C !  Brew as per normal instructions and remember to use a back-up/extra culture
when experimenting with new recipes.
More recipes to come ...
Looking for Kombucha tea standard brewing instructions?

Complete brewing instructions with photos
Traditional Seasonal Recipe # 2

Try this recipe in the spring when the raspberry and blackberry leaves are young and fresh.  You may choose a mixture of equal parts
of any of the following berry leaves; bilberry, raspberry, blackberry, or black current leaves.  This can make a very medicinal
kombucha tea blend.  Try adding an equal part of rose hips to add more flavor to your mix.  For a gallon batch use your normal
amount of sugar (1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups per gal) and 1/2 cup of fresh leaf total.  Allow leaf to steep for 10 to 20 mins to infuse into the
sugar solution.  Strain out leaf and organic matter and add kombucha culture when cool.
Herbal Recipe # 1

This is a recommend recipe from Günther Frank's book, 'Kombucha - Healthy beverage and natural remedy from the far east'. He
highly recommend this for those who would like to make kombucha without caffeinated teas.  It goes as follows;
3 parts Yarrow flowers/tops
2 parts Dandelion leaf or root (cleaned)
1 part nettle leaf
1 part club-moss or plantain leaf

Make the KT as normal substituting this herbal blend in the place of the tea.  The mixture is said to give a pleasant tasting beverage.  
You could get this made for you by an herbalist or get the herbs from an good source.  Remember to use double the amount for fresh
herbs over died herbs. If collecting your own herbs clean them very well.
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Brewing kombuhca tea, or Manchurian tea, and proper caring of cultures or scobys in the proper method will allow your culture to last a lifetime. Providing you with a great health tonic that may be used as part of your daily health practice.