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Information on brewing kombucha culture mushrooms, FAQ, recipes, and more!

On the following links to the left, you will find information on brewing kombucha,
including detailed instructions with photos, to aid you in producing kombucha
FAQ pages will answer some of the more common questions that we receive
from our customers and from information from other web sources.

You may find complete
brewing instructions here.
Or watch our new
instructional video here.  
We have also included
kombucha recipes using traditional herbal teas and some of
our own special brewing recipes.

If your are new at making kombucha tea, these
FAQ pages should answer most
questions you'll have.  Providing you with the confidence to brew your own tea safely
and correctly in the
comfort of your own home.

Incorporate Kombucha tea/Manchurian tea as part of your daily practice to aid you in your health and healing.

A great daily health tonic, full of beneficial anti-oxidants, organic acids, active enzymes, living pro-biotics,
and amino acids.  It is used by thousands of people everyday to aid with digestion, balancing the
metabolism, enhance immune system and detoxifying many body systems.
Organic-Kombucha.com has freshly brewed and bottled Kombucha tea,
deluxe & complete starter kits, and pure organic extract available.
Start brewing your own daily health tonic at home with one of our
starter kits.  
It cost less than $1 per gallon batch, a bit more for organic ingredients,
to keep a continual batch of tea brewing for your health and wellbeing!
~ For a Step By Step Brewing Guide with Photos Click Here ~
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Your source for organic kombucha products, starter kits, and mushroom cultures
Start brewing your own kombucha tea
with this easy to use kombucha
mushroom starter kit!  Includes culture,
starter tea, and complete instructions.
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Because we use only organic
tea and organic sugar for our
tea brewing process, we
believe this makes our
cultures some of the purest,
giving them extra strength,
vitality, and enhances their
beneficial properties!
kombucha culture starter kit, deluxe
Kombucha Mushroom
Starter Kit, Deluxe, Organic
Brewing kombuhca tea, or Manchurian tea, and proper caring of cultures or scobys in the proper method will allow your culture to last a lifetime. Providing you with a great health tonic that may be used as part of your daily health practice.