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Why have a backup of your kombucha culture ?

The main reason for keeping a back-up of your culture is to have a replacement on hand if something
happens to your brewing Kombucha cultures.  
Mushroom culture can become unusable under these conditions:

  • Contamination with mold
These happens when the pH is not acidic enough

Can happen if jar is not covered and secured properly

  • Replacement need due to miss-handling
Jar drops, handling with unclean hands or utensils, broken jar/glass

By keeping a back-up on hand or several containers brewing at once the need to pay for or search for a
replacement will not be needed.  With each brewing cycle the kombucha mushroom will reproduce itself so
there will be plenty of fresh back-ups to keep.  You may keep a replacement culture in some fresh tea solution
stored covered in the refrigerator or again keep several jars going at once.
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Brewing kombuhca tea, or Manchurian tea, and proper caring of cultures or scobys in the proper method will allow your culture to last a lifetime. Providing you with a great health tonic that may be used as part of your daily health practice.