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Our Kombucha Guarantee - 100% Guarantee to Reproduce or
We'll Send You a Replacement Culture for Free !*
our little culture and work lab
Yes, we back our kombucha cultures one hundred percent! If the culture you receive
does not reproduce another mushroom culture we will send you a
replacement culture at no cost to you.

Know You Can Order in Confidence.
guarantee replacement on our culture mushrooms
Knowing that if something happens to the culture
during shipping or during your first
brewing/culturing process, that you will only
have to buy one culture!

Just call and talk to our kombucha experts and if
your culture is not viable or falls to reproduce we'll
rush you a new culture.
It's that simple.
Our Guarantee
We 100% guarantee our cultures to be viable and reproduce or we will send you a
replacement culture starter free of charge.  
Kombucha products bought through and Anahata Balance websites
are guaranteed to be from organic sources, free from harmful pathogens, and are bottled or
packaged fresh for purity and quality control.  Our tea is brewed & processed at a state
licensed facility through the, Michigan State Agriculture & Food Department, to insure that the
bottled tea, extract, or starter kit you receive is in compliance with standard health
regulations & made under sanitary conditions.

We are so sure that we back it with a 100% Kombucha Culture
Replacement Guarantee*

- All products order through our website are packaged fresh, after you place your order,
for purity and quality control.

- We have been growing kombucha since 2000 and have shipped 1000’s of kombucha
mushroom cultures worldwide!
One of our production and product testing rooms.  
Used for making our kombucha extracts, tinctures, and tonics

Here's what makes us stand out
from the rest...

- We grow all our kombucha culture products
with certified organic ingredients.

- All cultures are grown and maintained in a
certified and licensed facility, licensed through
the Michigan Department of Agriculture.
This insures a clean and sterile environment for
growing and maintaining a high quality and large
quantity of cultures. Our kombucha cultures are
grown in a climate-controlled room keeping the
mushroom cultures at optimum growing

- Our kombucha products are of the highest
quality, freshness, and vitality.
We maintain some of the highest quality controls,
testing and tracking, and production methods for
growing kombucha products of all the commercial
websites on the net.

Why Buy From Us?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions, to make a local
appointment, or to order products from our brochure or store:
Email us at  or  Call us at 231.360.7043

To Order Products Please visit our online store
*  Kombucha Culture Guarantee:

We 100% guarantee our cultures to be viable and reproduce or we will send you a replacement culture starter free of charge. This guarantee applies only within the USA, to packages shipped via recommended
postage, via USPS Priority Mail or UPS 2-day shipping. This guarantee does not apply to international orders, as we cannot control international customs processing, duties, or delays in foreign countries.
We will still ship to international customer addresses, however, we cannot guarantee that the culture will make it to you safely due to processes out of our control.
You must email us at to obtain a replacement starter. This guarantee does not cover loss of culture through improper brewing methods, molds that were introduced during or
after the brewing process, or improper handling or brewing of tea solution. This guarantee is good for 20 days after receiving your shipment.
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To contact the webmaster please email -
Your source for organic kombucha products, starter kits, and mushroom cultures
Kombucha mushroom culture guarentee for replacement of non-viable cultures purchased from our kombucha store.